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Components crash! Its AWFUL! PC Version is best. PC is better, dont waste money on this one if you want to add things to other games!

This game is Amazing

This "game" is really fun!!!


This is by far the greatest physics simulation program for all ages. Having fun, or learning the math, I always enjoy using this app!


when i first saw algodoo i thought to myself "finally" and then when i started playing it i saw that it had much more features than the free version and rendering and the interface is much better if you are new to algodoo i recomend you try the trial before you get the paid version just to make sure you like it first but if you are into making crazy contraptions in 2-d algodoo is better than anything else

Wow, this is great!

I didnt even know software like this existed! You can easily build the most amazing things and scenes and watch it come alive and interact with the stuff at the same time! Its almost for real. I cant imagine what it would have taken to create this great tool. It must be terrific to explore physics with but it also so much fun just to build scenes and see what happens. The interface is really nice and it is possible to choose between a lot of skins and colors. I saw theres also an Education version, for physics in school probably. Must be amazing to learn physics with a tool like this!

Unsafe for small kids

I bought it for my 11 and 12 year kids. In the algobox where people have created their own scenes, some of the people have used expletive words which my kids are frequently seeing. Can it be somehow filtered ?

Great physics app

This is a great app for building cool things, playing and have fun. I am into creating my own games and animations and I think this is a great app for doing this. Also a big plus for the sharing feature "Algobox" to upload scenes in and get inspiration from. I have found some really cool creations that made me very impressed. I haven´t checked out the Education app (a lot more money to put into it) but I might try it also to se what educational features there is. But, so far I really recommend the physics app!

5 stars

I must say, verry well done. This is just what I have been looking for for quite a while. Also as another tip. Id relly like to see a littly more details in the description about the differences between the diffrent versions of Algodoo.

Educational and fun!

Great app, much work must have been put into the details, very well executed! It is nice that you can create a scene and let your friends play with it for free with Algodoo Play, but I would like to have some more control over the tools that can be used when playing the scene as well as if some parameters could be change with a slider or something similar (like the weight or friction of an object). Oh, and some more physical things, like electricity or magnetism, would be greatly appreciated :)

Exceptional Quality

The simulations I created rendered seamlessly on my mid-2009 macbook pro connected to an external display. I have yet to see a physics simulation engine as user-friendly as this one. Nevermind using it to solve a problem or illustate a point- this thing is just plain entertaining! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. :-) My hat is off to the author.

Not what I expected

was looking for a program that I could design and test gear ratios in. This app is not for that. This is for little children to screw around on. Also it takes a tremendous about of power to run.. All i wanted to do was connect two gears with a chain like on a bycicle. The tutorials for this was also really weak. Wish i could get my money back I will never use this again.

Mountain Lion

Please optimalize it for M.L, now its working terrible

Great update

I have finally circled around to try this program again since it has been updated. The issues I was having with the previous release are now gone, yay! So, now I find that I am really enjoying playing and designing things with this. It is really fun! The interface is pretty good considering the complicated physics that can be being simulated on any given scene. I am sure I dont know how I would of done it any different and as a programmer myself I can only imagine that its got to be a bear to have written something like this. So I have upgraded my review to 5 stars as of this release and for the price this is a fun and potentialy very useful tool for hobyists or students that want to play with physics toys. I would as another reviewer below add to a wish list of adding magnetism, electricity (even simple circuits of at least logic gates maybe) and thermics to this already great program! Perhaps do them as add-on plugins of some sort. I cant believe I would say this but, I would even accept them as low cost IAPs… How about making it extendible so the user could add other tools, materials and properties (like conductivity to go with electronics or attraction/repulsion to go with magnetism) then you can get the user community to do the bulk of the work, *winks*. Thanks Algoryx, great App!

Optics folder keeps crashing

Trying to open the installed comonents to create an optics demonstration. Keeps crashing down. Any suggestions?

did not go well

maybe im missing something but besides freezing and crashing [new mac air] the first screen that is a diagram of where the controls are is full screen , no acess to menu then it usually locks. I still have not seen the main screen

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